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5 Potential Reasons to see ‘Anne Frank’ at the Alban

1. You already want to and you don't need Adam's silly list to tell you why. 2. This is an important story and you want to hear it again. 3. You want to support the Arts in WV. 4. It's finally your opportunity to marry two things you love: drinking wine in your pajamas and live theatre. 5. Sheer morbid curiosity.  Whatever the reason, I appreciate your interest in our production. It has been a joy to get to know my cast mates, reunite with an old friend, and put together a show that I think is truly special.   The Diary of Anne Frank  will be a virtual live theatre event. Performed live, streamed right to your device.  Live theatre, via livestream.  There are several dates and ticket packages available. Thanks again, and enjoy the show! Tickets: Alban Arts Center Tickets Facebook Page:  Anne Frank at the Alban 

What's the name of that little plastic window in tissue boxes?

  I can't be the only one who cares about maintaining maximum tension with that little window, right? When you open a new box of tissues, do you just jam your mitts down in there and grab the top tissue?  Like an ape with a fistful of sugar cubes, do you yank out the initial tissue (inish tish?), leaving a gaping void for subsequent tissues to fall?  (subsquish tish? eh... probably not.) Or, do you--like I--open that mint box of booger catchers with the care and delicate touch of a veterinarian performing puppy surgery? (Those soft little puppy tummies... omg!) I care about silly little things like tissue boxes. I think little things matter.  Do you?